Our clinics are one-day, follow-up sessions that provide opportunities to deepen understanding and strengthen practice in a particular area.

If you have attended any of our Coaching for Equity, Coaching for Equity in the Classroom, or Instructional Coaching for Equity offerings in the past, we invite you to register for a Coach Clinic:

  • December 2, 2016 | Oakland, CA | $250

Limited Number of Discounted Seats Available

We at the National Equity Project have a commitment to do what we support others to do: create access and opportunity for equity leaders to get what they need in order to solve their own problems. Our equity strategy is aligned with our values and mission, and is an explicit attempt to reach those who need our services the most.

To this end, we have a limited number of discounted, $100 seats available for our upcoming clinics.

In order to be considered for one of these seats, please complete this form to give us a better understanding of your situation. We will be in touch within a week of submission.

Top priority goes to applicants who:

  • Work in isolation or as individuals;
  • Have limited access to financial resources;
  • Are mission-aligned; and/or
  • Are underrepresented in our event attendee population.