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Intro to Equity: Starting the Equity Conversation

The word “equity” is everywhere these days– but what does it really mean? What if it means something different to me, to my colleagues, and to my community? A crucial part of the “equity conversation” is creating meaningful opportunities for people to connect to why equity matters to them. Connecting to their “why” helps people to individually and collectively define what equity means and looks like in their own context.

Schools, districts and organizations often name “equity goals”. But in order to set — let alone reach — equity goals, you need to create conditions for people to make sense of what equity means, why it’s important, and how to approach it together. Working with equity at the center requires people to authentically bring who they are and their life experiences to the table. This isn’t always easy in a professional setting, but it is a necessary part of getting people ready to lead for equity.

Please join Senior Associates Mark Salinas and Colm Davis to learn some of the why, what, and how of NEP’s over 20 years of experience in initializing equity conversations in service of transforming the life trajectories of historically underserved youth and families. In our view – equity is a process, not just an outcome. Walk away with new insights and some concrete tools for getting the equity conversation started in your context.

Designing Agendas for Equity Work

Designing meetings for productive discussion and collaboration on equity work requires intentional planning that is responsive to both the emotional and cognitive/intellectual needs of participants. We believe that, when planning adult learning, it’s essential to design an experience people will go through together that moves beyond a series of tasks or agenda items. This is particularly true when a group is engaging in conversations focused on issues of equity or other emotionally-charged challenges that arise while working together.

In this free webinar, we will offer a framework for participant engagement used by the National Equity Project in professional learning opportunities that support authentic engagement, meaningful collaboration and movement forward on challenging and important work. Join the National Equity Project as we share some of the foundations of designing agendas for equity conversations in service of transforming the life trajectories of historically underserved youth and families. Walk away with new insights and concrete tools for designing agendas to cultivate a positive group dynamic and investment in collective equity work.

NEP Webinar Hosts

Mark Salinas

Mark Salinas

Colm Davis

Colm Davis