Black Teacher ProjectBlack Teacher Project

“Every child deserves a black teacher.”

The Black Teacher Project (BTP) recruits, develops, and sustains Black teachers for schools in the United States. Their goal is to create an effective teaching force that reflects the diversity of Black people in this country. To achieve this goal, the BTP:

  1. Develops specific recruitment strategies for future Black teachers;
  2. Develops supports for Black teachers to sustain themselves personally and professionally;
  3. Conducts research on Black teacher health and sustainability.

The National Equity Project is incubating the BTP; we will serve as its fiscal agent as they work to secure their initial start-up revenue. We are also providing office and meeting space for BTP’s West coast operations.

Learn more at or contact Micia Mosely at

Oregon Leadership NetworkOregon Leadership Network

We are excited to launch a new partnership with the Oregon Leadership Network, a statewide network of more than 20 school districts, ESDs, state agencies, professional associations, and higher education institutions in the State of Oregon.

OLN is the only statewide educational leadership network in the nation with equity at its core. Its vision is that every Oregon school, district, and organizational leader demonstrates the highest level of culturally responsive leadership anchored in Oregon’s research-based leadership standards.

In the State of Oregon, the National Equity Project will exclusively provide professional development and coaching services to OLN members. If you are an OLN member and would like NEP services, or are interested in joining the network, please contact Deanna D’Souza at Deanna.DSouza (at) or visit


Teaching Excellence Network (TEN)

TEN_LogoThe National Equity Project has partnered with Teaching Excellence Network (TEN), an innovative web based platform that brings together teachers, school leaders, students, and families to pave the path to community responsive school and classroom cultures that lead to engagement and success. TEN was designed by nationally acclaimed veteran urban classroom teachers, in partnership with the nation’s leading educational researchers, to identify, acknowledge, and share the work of our profession’s most successful educators.

TEN uses a 3-step process to engage all of the stakeholders in a school in the process of defining, developing, and supporting effective teaching.

  • Priorities Survey | The Priorities Survey is powered by the Community Responsive Index of Teacher Qualities (CRITQ) and is comprised of 52 qualities of effective teaching, sorted into 3 domains (relationships, responsibility, and relevance).
  • Teacher Feedback Loop | Priorities Survey results are funneled through TEN’s equity algorithm to reveal a unique set of 12 priorities for each school. These priorities are the basis for feedback loops where teachers receive qualitative and quantitative feedback from students, families, and colleagues.
  • Praxis Learning Community | Each teacher uses the data from their feedback loop to design a customized growth plan in collaboration with a small group of colleagues in a Praxis Learning Community. These PLCs meet regularly to engage in collaborative, teacher-driven activities that focus on the specific needs of each teacher as identified in their personal growth plans.

As a partner with TEN, the National Equity Project can provide coaching and professional development on the use of TEN’s platform as well as support school leaders and PLCs to implement changes based on TEN feedback. Contact Carolyn Kaneda, Director of Education Partnerships at carolyn (at) to learn more.