Partner Profile: San Rafael City Schools

We’ve worked with district and school leaders in San Rafael, a small city just north of San Francisco since 2008.  While generally considered an affluent, largely white community, the district’s demographics have shifted dramatically: today over half of San Rafael students are Latino, economically disadvantaged, and/or English learners. Our support has helped leaders throughout the district make dramatic changes to better serve all students.

 “The kids are fine, I know that sight unseen.  But then I realized there was nothing wrong with the staff. What was wrong was the structures and systems that had been put in place and institutionalized in the school.  They had formed this straitjacket.  Teachers were literally unable to do their best work.”  – Harriet MacLean, Principal, Davidson Middle School

Partner Profile:  San Mateo County Office of Education BTSA New Teacher Mentor Program

We began working with the San Mateo County Office of Education Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program  in 2009.  We’ve supported both the program directors and the Support Providers who mentor new teachers to make equity a more productive and effective focus of their new teacher mentoring program. Video produced by Treehouse DV.

“One of the missing pieces that we’re not looking at as a nation is the importance of relationships.” – Kim Bambao, New Teacher Support Provider

National Equity Project Overview (2010)

An introduction to the National Equity Project as told by three partners in district and community equity initiatives: Lillian Lopez, Oakland Community Organizations; Kimi Kean, Regional Executive Officer at Oakland Unified; and Mike Watenpaugh, Superintendent of San Rafael City Schools. Video produced by Mission Pictures.

Angela Glover Blackwell: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

The Founder and CEO of PolicyLink gave an inspiring talk at our launch event in October 2010 about how critical equity is to the nation’s future.

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