There’s Another Way


Working toward equity can feel disheartening, frustrating, and isolating. At the National Equity Project, we believe there’s another way to do this work—a way that connects and sustains ourselves and our communities.

Our There’s Another Way event series aims to build community among equity-focused leaders rooted in connection, inspiration, honoring multiple perspectives, and collectively reimagining what’s possible for all. These events highlight a variety of ideas and practices that demonstrate successes or promising innovations resulting from a departure from mainstream ways of doing and thinking.

Upcoming Offerings

Theatre of the Oppressed is a methodology that uses movement, storytelling and theatre to explore systemic oppression and to support healing from the effects of oppression. Creative expression and community building will be built into the practice as we explore this approach to healing.

Led by practitioner Satya de la Paz August, we will explore the interplay of a forgiving and fierce heart by practicing letting go alongside strong boundaries and accountability. Through movement, guided meditation and discussion, we will incline the heart toward forgiveness and reconciliation. Explore dynamic Yoga poses that release old stories of blame and resentment and gentle shapes that stretch the chest, shoulders, and upper back to foster genuine acceptance and letting go.

The journey of forgiveness is a path of reconciliation into our own heart. Forgiveness is not something we can force, but we can learn to forgive ourselves and others by remaining open and intentional.

Past Events:

  • Body Wisdom and Healing with Interplay
  • Arts & Social Justice 2: Drum Activation
  • Arts & Social Justice
  • Somatic Healing in Racial Affinity Settings
  • Racial Affinity & Alliance
  • Social Justice Happy Hours
  • Calibrating Ideas about Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Community Conversation with Zaretta Hammond
  • Honoring the Whole Person in Social Justice Work
  • Most Likely to Succeed Film Screening