Teaching With A Cultural Eye

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Today’s educators need to develop the skills and awareness necessary to build strong relationships with students and families from diverse backgrounds. Teaching With a Cultural Eye is a professional development experience for new or experienced teachers, principals, and administrators interested in moving equity to the center of instruction. Examine the many ways that educators’ own cultural identities influence their interactions with students, parents, and colleagues.

Teaching With A Cultural EyeTeaching With a Cultural Eye provides teachers and instructional leaders with the hands-on support they need to bring their daily instructional practice into alignment with their vision of a quality education for every child.  This service is designed to build the cultural competence of educators to address instructional equity issues in classrooms, schools, and districts.

Participants will be introduced to strategies and provided with set of tools for utilizing a Learning Partnership framework to deepen their cross-cultural understanding, and to work intensively with their peers to successfully modify their instructional approaches.

Topics include:

  • Cultural Competence Through Self-Reflection | Build cultural awareness through self-reflection of our collective experiences and identities.
  • Building a Learning PartnershipLearn strategies for building personal connections with all students to support deeper learning.  Increase cultural synchronization to develop stronger relationships with students.

  • Formative Assessments | Explore the connection between strong learning partnerships and effective use of formative assessments to close learning gaps.

  • Information Processing |  Examine the impact of culture on information processing and learn approaches to gaining cognitive insight into your students; supporting them to attain independence and mastery.


  • New or experienced teachers, principals, and administrators interested in moving equity to the center of instruction.


“The experiences and tools presented by the National Equity Project are key reminders of what our children need for success. If more students’ needs are recognized, honored, and worked with, I believe we will reach our goals of truly giving every child a high quality education.” – Mason J. Musumeci, Teacher, Oakland Unified School District