LFE Fellowship: Previous Cohorts (2015-18)


  • Katherine Gibney, ECE Specialist (PK-3 Program Support), San Rafael City Schools, San Rafael, CA
  • Javier Cabra Walteros, Principal, Aspire Richmond Cal Prep, Richmond, CA
  • Sharon Johnson, Associate Superintendent, Aspire Public Schools, Bay Area, CA
  • Kristin Bijur, Director of Principal Support, San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CA
  • Jennifer Green, Principal, Aspire Monarch Academy, Oakland, CA
  • Stacy Thomas, Teacher Effectiveness Program Manager, Aspire Public Schools, Bay Area, CA
  • Carlee Scheinfeld, Linked Learning Pathway Coach, Oakland Unified School District Linked Learning Office, Oakland, CA
  • Stephanie Vaughn, Director of Employee Relations (HR), Aspire Public Schools, Bay Area, CA
  • Emmile Brack, Chief of Staff/VP of Operations, Schoolzilla, Oakland, CA
  • Mariana Lopez, Marin After School Program Manager,  San Pedro Elementary /  Bay Area Community Resources Marin After School Programs, San Rafael, CA
  • Robert Spencer, Principal, Aspire Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy, Sacramento, CA
  • Leo Fuchs, Principal, Learning Without Limits Elementary School, Oakland, CA
  • James Gallagher, Vice President of Education, Aspire Public Schools, Bay Area, CA
  • Tamara Friedman, PD Coordinator, Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA
  • Steven Daubenspeck, Principal, Thornhill Elementary School, Oakland, CA
  • Sara Stone, Network 1 Deputy Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA
  • Asali Waters, Former Program Manager Middle School Network, Oakland Unified School District (current NEP Associate)


”Participating in the Leading for Equity Fellowship allowed me to continue building my equity leadership muscles alongside other educators doing the same. The cohort went deeper into what it means to truly lead for equity and provided a space and collaborative structure necessary to do this work. Through the structures provided I was able to work internally and bring opportunities back to my staff to do the same. It was an incredible experience that has proven to be transformation for myself and my school community.” – Jennifer Green, Principal


  • Osvaldo Garcia-Contreras, Vice Principal, Neil Armstrong Middle School, Forest Grove, OR
  • Chuck Wade, Career Technical Education Program Coordinator, Sonoma County Office of Education, Sonoma, CA
  • Crystal McClendon-Gourdine, Independent Consultant, Early Learning Coach First 5 California, Bay Area, CA
  • Kate Snow, District Coordinator of School Climate, Davis Joint Unified School District, Davis, CA
  • Breianna Davis, Classroom Teacher/Equity Teacher Leader, Berkeley Arts Magnet, Berkeley, CA
  • Arlena Ford, Principal, Aspire Richmond Technology Academy, Richmond, CA
  • Nova Katz, Math Training Specialist, Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento, CA
  • Eva Kellogg, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Aspire Public Schools
  • Lisa Griffin, Teacher, High Tech High, San Diego, CA
  • Brandee Stewart, Principal, Grass Valley Elementary School, Oakland, CA
  • Julie Koenke, Director of Secondary Programs and Pathways Partnerships, Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, WI
  • Karen W. McGahey, Director of Leadership Development, Sonoma County Office of Education, Sonoma, CA
  • Michelle Cortez, Principal, Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep, Oakland, CA
  • Jonathan Brack, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Tipping Point Community, San Francisco, CA
  • Jen Nguyen, Deputy Chief of School Improvement, Education for Change Public Schools, Oakland, CA
  • Lisa Jimenez-Cameron, Coordinator EL Services, West Contra Costa Unified School District, Richmond, CA
  • Ruby L. De Tie, Principal, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA
  • Katherine Carter, Multilingual Pathway Coordinator, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA
  • Ana Martinez, Principal, Aspire Public Schools
  • Kirsti Peters-Hoyte, Director of School Culture, Richmond College Prep Schools, Richmond, CA
  • Kahlmus Eatman, Vice President of Operations, Pacific Charter School Development, Los Angeles, CA
  • Vidrale Franklin-Kelly, Head of School, Roses in Concrete, Oakland, CA
  • Trisha Lee, Principal,  Pearl Zanker Elementary School, Milpitas, CA


“Equity work can be very challenging, especially when we work on conditions or in systems that were created to do the opposite. The LFE Fellowship journey is about working and thinking different about systems, but it is more about understanding ourselves. Understand your light. What fuels it? What do you allow to dim it? How do you use it to burn others? How will you use it to guide the work? Understand your self-work within this work and don’t get distracted. Also, we are better together. Ubuntu.” – Ana Martinez, Principal


  • Christine Ortiz, Founder, Equity Design Collaborative
  • Simone Delucchi, Community Schools Manager, Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA
  • Trevor Gardner, Dean of Instruction, ARISE High School, Oakland, CA
  • Salome Portugal, Principal, KIPP Summit Academy, San Lorenzo, CA
  • Susie Wise, Strategic Advisor and Coach, School Retool
  • Tatiana Epanchin-Troyan, Co-Founder and Head of Program, School Leader Lab, Washington, D.C.
  • Claudia Medina, Coordinator, Family Engagement Programs, State Compliance Programs Alameda Unified School District, Alameda, CA
  • Sarah Altschul, Program Associate, Facing History and Ourselves
  • Caitlin Boyle, Assistant Principal, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
  • Beatrice Martinez, ELD Elementary Coordinator, West Contra Costa Unified School District, Richmond, CA
  • Julia Ma, Learning and Development Manager, City and County of San Francisco Workforce Development Department, San Francisco, CA
  • Jess Chacon, Principal, Aspire Triumph Technology Academy, Oakland, CA
  • Mary L. Ponce, Principal, Davis Joint Unified School District, Davis, CA
  • Woo Williams, Middle School Director, Academy of Alameda Middle School, Alameda, CA
  • Gia Truong, CEO, Envision Education, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Nuvia Ruland, Biology/Environmental Science, High Tech High, Chula Vista, CA
  • Dawn Albert, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Aspire Public Schools
  • Matt Huxley, Executive Director, The Academy of Alameda, Alameda, CA
  • Danielle Cooper Williams, Director of Equity and Cultural Proficiency, KIPP Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
  • Heather Tufts, Senior Community Development Specialist, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, San Francisco, CA
  • Jenn Mullin, Vice Principal, Davis Joint Unified School District, Davis, CA
  • Nichol Klein, Principal, Pomeroy Elementary, Milpitas, CA
  • Amanda Confer, Director of Mathematics, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Los Angeles, CA