Coaching for Equity: A Focal Student Approach
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School leaders and instructional coaches need both a set of powerful coaching practices to support teacher growth and a clear vision for the kinds of relationships and pedagogy necessary to ensure that all students can succeed at high levels. This two-day institute offers the foundations of our approach to Coaching for Equity, focused explicitly on coaching teachers to use a focal student approach in service of impacting larger changes in classroom practice. We use our Learning Partnership framework to guide this approach, finding new ways to increase student engagement and ownership of learning, particularly for those who have not been successful in schools and/or have a history of negative experiences in schools.

  • How do I work with teachers so that they feel supported by me to learn more about and address the needs of the students who are not yet successful in their classroom?
  • What coaching strategies can support teachers to open up to new ways of thinking or sustain new practices?
  • How can I support teachers to motivate their students so to become more independent learners and take ownership of their learning?

Coaching for Equity: A Focal Student Approach offers core skills and practices that National Equity Project coaches have employed over the last 20 years. This is about supporting teachers to develop purposeful, culturally responsive relationships between teacher and student, providing a “window” that enables teachers to better understand their students: multiple aspects of their identities; how they think; how they learn; and the self-perceptions and non-cognitive factors that affect their learning. The Learning Partnership framework offers a supportive “mirror” for the teacher: Who am I? What mindsets might consciously or unconsciously shape my teaching and interactions with students? What skills do I need to further develop as a teacher? Learning Partnerships enable the building of trust across differences of identity (race, gender, class, family background, life experience, etc.) and the leveraging of that trust in service of deeper ownership—and ultimately acceleration—of student learning.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the impact of student and teacher identities & mindsets on student performance
  • Learn how to support teachers to shift their thinking about students they are challenged by in order to effectively teach every student
  • Plan and practice using different coaching interventions
  • Begin planning how to build a partnership with teachers and support them to build learning partnerships with students

Who Should Attend

Instructional coaches; Instructional leaders; Department or Grade-Level leaders; Teachers on Special Assignment; School administrators who lead and support teachers; Managers or conveners of instructional coaches.


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