Webinar: Implicit Bias, Structural Racialization, and Equity

Wednesday, April 24, 11am – 12pm Pacific

Increased interest in the topic of implicit bias provides an opportunity to open and deepen important conversations in our organizations and communities about equity, belonging, and ultimately justice. Most work on implicit bias focuses on increasing awareness of individuals in service of changing how they view and treat others. But to lead to meaningful change, an exploration of implicit bias must be situated as part of a much larger conversation about how current inequities in our institutions came to be, how they are held in place, and what our role as leaders is in perpetuating inequities despite our good intentions.

Our success in creating organizations and communities in which everyone has access to the opportunities they need to thrive depends on our willingness to confront the history and impacts of structural racism, learn how implicit bias operates, and take action to interrupt inequitable practices at the interpersonal, institutional and structural level.

This interactive webinar will introduce you to the National Equity Project’s stance and framework around implicit bias, structural racialization, and equity – and provide a few tips and tools to use in your work.

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NEP Webinar Hosts:

Kathleen Osta, MSW, Regional Director, Midwest Region

As Regional Director, Kathleen supports a team of staff to provide coaching and strategic advising to leaders in school districts, non-profits, foundations, and national networks who are committed to designing equitable policies and practices and leading equity-focused system change efforts. Kathleen has provided executive leadership coaching and organizational development consultation to non-profit leaders in the fields of education, youth development, social and health services, philanthropy, and cross-sector initiatives aimed at improving the experiences and outcomes for youth and families who have been marginalized by historic and current policies and practices. Her work has focused on the intersection of racial and social justice and the development and implementation of policies and programs that facilitate belonging, whole child wellness, adolescent identity development and learning.

Hugh Vasquez, MSW, Senior Associate

Hugh is a Senior Associate with the National Equity Project with responsibility for developing and expanding the leadership for equity work throughout the country.  Previous to the National Equity Project he co-founded the Todos Alliance Building Institute, and organization dedicated to creating youth activists who worked to eliminate racism and other forms of oppression in their schools and communities.  Hugh has also served as Executive Director of the San Francisco Education Fund, an organization focused on equity in education. He has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to address issues of race, gender, class and other social divisions throughout the county. Hugh is a primary cast member in the award-winning film The Color of Fear, a documentary that has advanced understanding of issues of race and privilege throughout the United States.  He has authored a number of articles on race, community building, and culture and is a national speaker with Speak Out, a non-profit dedicated to social justice education.