Excellent Schools Detroit

Excellent Schools Detroit

Community evaluation of Detroit schools.

We worked with Excellent Schools Detroit in developing their School Quality Review process, training parents and other community leaders to conduct formal site visits of their schools and evaluate school quality.

The staff at Excellent Schools Detroit wanted to design an inclusive process for parents and community members to provide input into how schools improve and how parents choose schools. We co-facilitated a series of meetings where parents and community leaders could contribute to a shared definition of school quality indicators.

Sessions were designed to build and deepen the relationships necessary for parents and community leaders to take collective leadership of the School Quality Review process. The day-long trainings were attended by over 100 parents and community members.

School review teams comprised of parents and other community members visit schools unannounced and review the site with a common rubric. They examine instruction, culture, facilities, and other factors and contribute their impressions of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

Every public school in Detroit received a visit, as well as several private and charter schools. These community-led school reviews count for worth 15% of the school’s quality grade published by Excellent Schools Detroit, with test scores and student, teacher, and parent surveys comprising the rest of the grade.

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