W.K. Kellogg Foundation


A foundation committed to equity.

In 2008 the W.K. Kellogg Foundation initiated bold changes to its strategic plan to target its grant-making at root causes of inequality in America.  Their new approaches emphasized an unusually explicit commitment to “support racial healing and to remove systemic barriers that hold some children back” and the need to “address structural racism.”

Meeting these new commitments required significant changes to the ways Foundation staff were organized.  The Education and Learning Program team called upon the National Equity project to facilitate their re-visioning of their grantmaking goals and strategies, which entailed the creation of new rubrics and benchmarks, as well as support the restructuring of their team in a new alliance with the Food and Economic Security Program.  This complex, multi-year change process necessitated significant exploration and tuning of organizational culture as well as personal work regarding core beliefs about racial equity and what would be required of individual staff as well as the collective organization to meet the new racial equity goals.

We have been a deep consulting and thought partner to the Foundation as it successfully navigates these changes and emerges a stronger, more aligned and more effective philanthropic organization.  In partnership since 2008, we’ve provided one-on-one and team coaching, facilitation of key meetings and planning retreats, project management and strategic plan development, research services, and more.