The National Equity Project provides consulting and technical support for school districts, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government.

We provide coaching and consulting to help leaders and teams make informed decisions and take more effective action, whether in the cabinet, community center, or classroom. Our services build culture, conditions, and competencies for excellence and equity in districts, schools, classrooms, nonprofit organizations, and communities. 

Update on COVID-19 (May 6, 2020)

We have shifted our consulting delivery model to 100% virtual for the near future. We’ve been inspired by the level of connection and engagement our client community has brought to the virtual space – and the urgent need for continuing to work and focus on equity and access in these times.

Our consulting services provide opportunities for people to connect and build community even as we are physically separate. We’ve seen people take up this unique situation to actually engage more authentically with students and families, to use new tools and methods to collaborate and co-design a new future together.

We provide 1:1 and team virtual coaching, virtual professional development and trainings, virtual design sessions, as well as virtual strategic planning and process facilitation. If this sounds like the kind of work you would like to bring to your district, organization, foundation, or community, please complete this form and indicate your interest in “Consulting with National Equity Project.”