Process Facilitation

Experience has a structure.
Change the structure, change the experience.
– Steve Zuieback

Equity challenges can feel like intractable problems. We believe there are essential principles to consider for achieving inclusive group process design and meaningful facilitation. This is especially true when groups are working to identify, interrupt, and address conditions that perpetuate inequitable racialized outcomes. Conditions and processes can be created for people to work productively across difference on things that matter.

Guiding Principles:

  • Participation in learning is voluntary. Adults engage in learning of their own volition – the circumstances prompting this learning may be mandated, but the decision to learn is the learner’s.
  • Facilitation is collaborative. Collaboration is continual and is seen in the diagnosis of needs, the setting of objectives, in program development, in determining the processes and activities used, and in choosing the criteria for assessment.
  • Process design and facilitation can empower adults. Adults will see themselves as self-aware, self-correcting and self-directed individuals capable of engaging their personal and work relationships and social circumstances proactively, rather than reactively buffeted by uncontrollable forces of circumstances.

We commit to these principles to set the human conditions and interactions between people so that together we might experience:

  • Education as social transformation rather than the transmission of dominant culture norms and practices (the status quo)
  • Reimagined leadership and re-visioning the problem or situation we are trying to address in oppressed communities of color
  • Transforming organizations and social structures from within by our individual and group influence and action

Our process design and facilitation approach works well with groups from 6-150 people and from 3 hours in length to several days. Many who work with us say it feels like “magic” when their team is finally able to move forward on issues that have stumped them for years. Our approach is not magic – it is rooted in our extensive research in adult learning, group dynamics, and neuroscience – and proven by our 20 years of experience with leaders in and beyond the education sector.