LFE Fellowship

We are honored to offer our Leading for Equity (LFE) Fellowship program for select leaders who have expressed a commitment to leading, designing, and facilitating equity-centered learning experiences in their context. This Fellowship breaks the common occurrence of isolation, and foster a network of leaders that will experience opportunities for renewal, inspiration, healing, and sustenance. These leaders seek the opportunity to go deeper with their own transformational leadership development with other equity-focused leaders.

Program Design

LFE Fellows have a unique set of opportunities that includes:

  • A nine-month learning experience with a cohort of leaders
  • Introduction to core NEP content frames and our signature Leading for Equity Framework
  • Action research opportunities focused on “realtime” equity challenges
  • Differentiated support and “critical friendship”
  • Involvement at one Leading for Equity Institute

Leading for Equity Framework

Attendance at one LFE Institute is a requirement as a Fellow, as it is designed to intentionally build capacity around our Leading for Equity Framework. Fellows collaboratively examine the conceptual base of the Institute content and structures, and deepen their understanding and facilitative skill in managing the group dynamic during personal sharing and discussions of issues of equity. In addition, Fellows have the opportunity to work alongside the NEP facilitation team by engaging in discussions to prepare and debrief elements of the institute.